Post-meetup after-parties, including Bingsu.js, ZaabOne.ts, TookLaeDee.css, eMKay.git, Yakiniku.hs, and anything actually! This is where we discuss and share our experiences about various technical and non-technical topics after attending a meetup. Unlike noisy parties, Bingsu.js is friendly for both introverts and extraverts, usually filled with a lot of deep discussions and very little small talk.

It is a decentralized event for the Thailand developer community — YOU can run a Bingsu.js, and it’s easy!

How can I join a Bingsu.js?

After a meetup, don’t go back home just yet! Stay around while networking with the remaining people there. See if anyone is going to grab some food. If not, you can start one!

When is the next Bingsu.js?

The thing is… we don’t know, because there is no planning ahead of time.

Bingsu.js is decentralized and completely spontaneous.

Here’s a tip: Next time you attend a meetup, don't hurry back after the event! Stay around and network for a while, or join/listen to a conversation happening around you. Maybe you find a conversation that sparks your interest… Maybe you start getting hungry… and that’s when Bingsu.js takes place!

How to run a Bingsu.js?
  1. Attend a meetup.
  2. After the meetup, don’t go home just yet! Stay around for a while, talk to people, or just listen to the ongoing conversion after the meetup. You may find a conversation that sparks your interest. You may start getting hungry.
  3. Ask around if anyone wants to have some Bingsu, food, or dessert. Gather people and go.
  4. Enjoy great conversations while filling your stomach. Make connections and expand your network.
  5. Take a selfie and caption with "Bingsu.js", "NotBingsu.js", or anything. See our past parties for examples.
  6. You can also go live and share the discussion with the wider community (optional but encouraged!).
  7. Send a Merge Request to our repository to add the party to the list. Please check out our contribution guide!

Past parties

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